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Expository essay tips and its outline

In the name of Allah,the most Merciful and most Gracious

Assalamualaikum people ^_^

Today, I am going to share my essay outline. I did this outline for my english subject,to be exact , my assignment which is an expository essay entitled "How to keep Children safe online". Have a look people :)

Outline for How to keep Children safe online


-People should be aware in monitoring their children in order to control their children on the internet.

-There are several things that you can do in order to protect them such as use technology-based tools, educate children on how to make wise choice and  use chat rooms and instant messaging with care [Thesis statement]

Body Paragraph

Paragraph 1

-Many technology-based tools are available to deal with inappropriate internet materials  [ Topic Sentence]

a) Parents should consider of using a software that can record web pages visited that keep a record of recently visited sites and also makes temporary copies of web pages for short-term storage

b) Use browsers that are specially designed for children.

c) Download tools that can filter images ,monitor children’s online activity and block the ability to send out personal information.

Paragraph 2

-Educate children on how to make wise choices about how they behave on the internet [Topic sentence]

a) Parents implement responsible behaviour and nurture personal character among their children.

b) Set rules, general safety while using the computer and guideline for the children.

c) Expose information and media literacy to their kids.

Paragraph 3

- Children must use chat rooms and instant messaging with care [ Topic Sentence]

a) Parents advice the children to keep personal information secret. This includes: name, address, phone numbers, mail addresses, pictures or school information.

b) Use a moderate and child-friendly chatrooms.
 c) Do not accept messages from people you don’t know; don’t add people to your buddy list     unless you know them personally.


Education, technology and parents guide can contribute to a good solution to curb social illness on the internet.


Step 1 :
Before you write any essay,be sure to draft an outline. This is SUPER important, so that u won't write anything out of your topic.

Step 2 :
Expository essay is interesting,seriously,IT IS!

First, in the introduction, write something about your topic. Generalized it. Don't make it too long. At the last sentence of your introduction, write the keywords for your point (usually 3 points).This sentence is called Thesis statement. You can't skip this. This is a MUST.

Second, in your body pharagraph 1,2 and 3,the first sentence is your point keyword. This sentence is called Topic sentence. After the topic sentence,then u have to elaborate your point clearly in each pharagraph.

Third, your conclusion must have those 3 topic sentences BUT you have to Rephrase them.

Tada........done! Alhamdulillah. That is an expository essay. As easy as 1,2,3 and now here you go =) done.

[ I am sorry,I could not publish my essay because my classmates and I had to write it just like sitting an exam paper. So it's hand written and I don't have the soft copy. ]

I hope this is useful,insyaAllah! ^_^
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