Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Debatable issue - Mothers should work or stay at home taking care of her children

Oral Presentation
            A very good afternoon to Madam Zuraidah, the English lecturer of my class and friends. On this auspicious day, I would like to bring up a very interesting issue which is debated long time ago till now which is, “ Mothers should work or stay at home and taking care of her children?” . Having a career, marriage and children, woman could have it all without giving up any one of these . A smart mother needs a very careful plan in order to organize her family and career. Therefore, I personally agree that mothers should work yet, her children are still under controlled.
            The responsibility of taking care children is not upon a mother only, but it counts on father too. Mothers have every right to choose between work or take care of her children. When she chooses to work, it doesn’t mean that she neglects her children. She works and makes an alternative for the care of her children , the that should be considered equally valid. It is undoubtedly that childhood is the most formative period of  the development for a children. Mothers are needed to ensure that the next generation has the best start in their life. Most would agree that mothers should stay at home and devote her time on the children. However, we should never forget that the a mother is not the only responsible person of taking care the children as fathers should play his part too. Therefore, this is not a reason for a mother to give up her work.
            In addition, another way to handle her children is, a mother can send her children to child minder or nurseries. Child care professional have a lot of experience handling young children. Besides, at child care, children can improve social skills. Child care also can be a good place to expose children to mingle with other kids. Nevertheless, leaving children at nurseries can be risky too because there are many uncertified child centre and that child centre gives lousy services such as one adult looking after many children at once. Incidents may happen like infants fell from their cradle while sleeping. This low quality service is demanding mothers to stay at home to prevent this problems. However, mothers can find other initiative such as sending their children to the member of extended family. For example their grandparents. Therefore the grandparents can take a very good care of the children while the mother is working.
            Apart from that, working mothers can increase workforce and still get active in the society. Encouraging mothers to work will increase the number of people in the workforce. Thereby, this will eventually increase the productivity of the country. This also helps generating employment for more people if the mother is a business woman. Moreover, mother also can help increasing family income. To some point, undoubtedly that mothers who stay at home have more opportunities to be involved with the community. Volunteers are needed to help the society such as the Parents-Teacher Association (PTA). By involving in this association, mothers can observe their children’s activities at school. However, working mother also can be active with the community. For instance, a mother who works as a teacher can get involve with PTA since she’s working at school. So, mothers can get along with the society even though she is a career woman.
            In a nutshell, these evidence is strong enough to support that woman should work instead of staying at home and taking care of her children. Woman should work because despite of having career and family, she still can manage her children and taking a very good care of them. There is no reason that a mother shouldn’t work because the pros of having a career are very reasonable. Therefore, mothers have every right to have a career.


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