Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Childhood Pastime

Childhood holds a lot of sweet memories during my time. I enjoy my days doing a lot of interesting hobbies alone or with my friends. Even though there was not much technology development for children's game, the excitement of spending leisure time for the pastimes were thrilling!

When I was a small and cute kid, I used to read a lot. I never missed to buy 'Majalah Kuntum' from Bahasa Melayu teacher. It only costed RM 1.50. Once in a month, I would sacrifice my lunch allowance , just to get this magazine. I enjoyed reading story books and comics too. I still remembered , I sneaked into my brother's room just to steal his comics for a while. Dragonball, Doraemon, Utopia and many of his comics I read without him noticed it at all. Until one day, I was caught red-handed because he saw me holding some of his books and comics. He scolded me yet I still read his books because I could not resist my reading habit.

Besides, I also read my father's books. When I was alone in the house, I would slowly crawling into my father's study room. There was a big rack of book and that rack was my favourite ! Just name any books I want, I could find it all. Story books, encyclopaedia, history and a lot more. I spent my time there usually after I finished my homework. I enjoyed encyclopaedia the most because I just love reading while looking at the illustrations. My father loves to read and maybe that is the reason why I love to do the same thing too. At night, sometimes, I sneaked into that room too and read in the darkness. For the second time, I was caught red-handed again! I really thought that my father would scold me like my brother does. However, surprisingly, he never did! He encouraged me to read books more. I was so relieved because since that , I could freely enter my father's study room and read with him.

In addition, after the incident that my father saw me in his study room, my father bought a lot of books for me. I was on the cloud nine to see books around me. Once in a month, he would get me a book. He was the one who introduced me to Harry Potter series! I was full of exaggeration to read such attractive books written by  J.K Rowling when I was nine. Since that, I started to have a collection of Harry Potter Series books. My father treated me with a book every time I succeed in my examinations.

For me,it was a very sweet memory to recall on how I develop into a bookworm. Because I used to read my father's book often at night, I needed to wear a pair of spectacles , and that time I felt like being the character of Harry Potter who wore spectacles with round lenses!


I just love writing essays! May this be helpful ^_^

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