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Report Writing : Favourite Pastime Among trainee teachers.

Assalamualaikum, greet to all of you people :)

This is a report writing , and this is an assignment done by me and Rashidah, my dear classmate. Alhamdulillah, completed a day before we need to submit it. ^^,

This report is mainly about types of different pastimes that the male and female trainee teachers' like :) Hopefully this is beneficial, insyaAllah.

Here's the collected data and the graphs.



Report Writing

The graphs shows the different types of favourite pastime among ten male and ten female trainee teachers in Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Ilmu Khas. This mini research is conducted in order to obtain the data of most favourable pastime among these trainee teachers.

            The trend indicates a few different types of favourite pastime between male and female. There are four main favourite pastime which are surfing the internet, reading, cycling and shopping. The graph obviously shows that the most popular favourite pastime among the trainee teachers, both male and female, is surfing the internet with 42% respectively for each gender. Meanwhile, the least preferred pastime chosen by the trainee teachers is shopping with only 8% for the female and none of the male trainee teachers are interested with this pastime.

            The number of female and male trainee teachers who would like to surf the internet is five person correspondingly. This shows that almost half of the trainee teachers like to spend their time to surf the internet. The percentage of female trainee teachers that prefer surfing is equal with the male trainee teachers which is 42%. In addition, the next preferable favourite pastime among female trainee teachers is reading because 34% of them like this hobby. On the contrary, only 17% of male trainee teachers are fond of reading. This shows that female trainee teachers read more than male trainee teachers do. Apart from that, there is 8% of female trainee teachers who choose shopping as their favourite pastime, meanwhile none of male trainee teachers show any interest in shopping during their leisure time. Furthermore, 8% of both female and male trainee teachers are fond of cycling. Lastly, there are 33% of male trainee teachers who choose others than the favourite pastime listed. That amount of students favor to go for jamming, playing games and drawing. In the intervening time, only 8% of female choose other pastime than reading, cycling, surfing the internet and shopping, which is fishing.

            Nearly each of the trainee teachers agreed that their favourite pastimes are beneficial except for one male trainee teacher who likes to play games because he stated that playing games disturb his sleeping time and waste his time.

            Most of the female trainee teachers use up weekdays to carry out their favourite pastime and the percentage is 46%. In the meantime,  39% of female trainee teachers choose to spend on weekends for their favourite pastime and 15 % of them have a preference to work out their favourite pastime of public holidays. On the other hand, majority of male trainee teachers select weekends for them to carry out their favourite pastime with percentage 60% meanwhile another 40% pick out on weekdays in order to undertake their pastime.

            Besides, 60% of female trainee teachers prefer to spend three to four hours each time they work out on their pastime. 40% stated that they spend up to five  to six hours when they enjoy their pastime. In contrast, half of the male trainee teachers use up three to four hours and 30% of them provide one to two hours , in order to figure out their pastime. Another remaining 20% confirmed that they use five to six hours just to fix some leisure time for their favourite pastime.

            To sum up, the report written is mainly about the favourite pastime among male and female trainee teacher. The graph shows the difference preference of favourite pastime between this two gender. It is understandable that some male and female have the same interest such as surfing the internet whilst some other have their own choice of choosing their own favourite pastime.

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