Thursday, August 29, 2013

Essay - My Hero

Essay “My Hero”

There was a baby girl who was half way sleeping in her baby cot when her 4 years old brother approached her. He clutched a groundnut in his small cute palm. “Hi! Sister, would you like a nut? It tastes good!”. He hurriedly put the nut into her mouth. Their mother who saw the incident yelled, “Stop!” but the nut was already in the baby’s mouth. In twinkling of an eye, the woman took the baby and patted on her back. For seconds, the baby seemed not to respond anything. The woman was so worried that she started to weep.
She patted her harder and finally the baby coughed out the groundnut. The woman was clearly relieved to have her baby back, alive. She held her crying baby tightly. “Oh, my God! Thank you for saving her!” the woman whispered in her low breath, praying silently with her tears rolling down her cheeks.

There was another incident where that woman again, became a hero. “Oh dear, you’re hurt!” shrieked the woman at the door. Her apron was still hanging around her neck, which she did not bother to notice, and she ran all her might out of the house for her crying little toddler. She noticed that her little girl fell from a bicycle. “Ouch, mum, it hurts!” said the little girl with teary eyes. “It’s okay. My little princess is strong.” Her soft sweet voice somehow comforted the sobbing child. The child wept and nodded. That particular baby and child was me back in 1995.
That woman loves her kids with all her heart and even makes them believe that, “When there’s no one to turn to, always remember, I’m always here for you.” She would dare to do anything for me and my siblings come hell or high water. That is her, my very sole hero. She is my mother.

                                                                                                                        (314 words)

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