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English Lesson Plan : Unit 4 Be Safe (Interrogative Pronouns)

English Lesson Plan : Unit 4 Be Safe


Class : 4 H
Subject : English
Day : Friday
Date : 1st April 2015
Duration : 60 minutes
Time : 7.45-8.45 a.m
Unit/Topic : Unit 4 : Be Safe
Theme/Context : World of Knowledge

Focused Skills : Grammar
Integrated Skills : Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking

Content Standard : 5.1 By the end of the 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be able to use different word classes correctly and appropriately.

Learning Standard : 5.1.2 Able to use pronouns correctly and appropriately (b) Interrogative

Language focus : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to ;
1) Use appropriate interrogative pronouns while asking questions
2) Play the washing game and write 5 sentences by using interrogative pronouns
3) Recognise the usage of interrogative pronouns in sentences

Educational Emphases : Critical and creative thinking skills - Understanding

Set Induction (5 mins)

Simon Says Game

Teaching/Learning Activity
1) Teacher plays 'Simon Says' game with students
2) Teacher says :
-Simon says touch your scarf
-Simon says touch your socks
-Simon says touch your skirt
-Simon says touch your cloth
3) Students need to touch their clothes when teacher says the specific clothes.

To let students differentiate the name of garments and clothes particularly, and introduce the topic of the day.

Presentation (15 mins)

Manual on how to use a washing machine
1) Plug in the socket
2) Switch on
3) Press the 'On' button
4) Press the menu. (Litre of water, and types of wash e.g : fuzzy, blanket etc)
5) Put clothes in the washing machine
6) Pour some detergent and softener in the washing machine
7) Close the lid and press on the 'start' button

Teaching/Learning Activity
1) Teacher shows a washing machine made out of a box, to students. Teacher asks students the function of a washing machine.
2) Students are given some clothes with their name on it. Teacher tells the students some types of clothes such as ; t-shirts, pants, scarves and undergarments
3) Teacher explains steps of using a washing machine.
4) After demonstrating on how to wash the clothes, teacher asks the students ;
a - What cloth is this?
b -Which is your cloth, ... ? (specific student)
c -Whose cloth is this?
5) Students will answer ;
a - This is a shirt/pants/scarf
b - The shirt/ the scarf/the skirt
c - The scarf is Aliyah's / The scarf is mine

To engage students with the usage on interrogative pronouns in dialogues/conversation
To let blind students experience on how to operate a washing machine

Practise (20 mins)

Focused interrogative pronouns

Teaching/Learning Activity
1) Teacher explains to students the functions of interrogative pronouns. An interrogative pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun and that asks a question.
2) Students are given a worksheet. Students need to differentiate and recognise interrogative pronouns and underline it.
3) Students also need to know that at the end of an interrogative pronouns, there's a question mark.
(Note : Braille question mark is a lower H, dot 2,3,6)

Explanation of interrogative pronouns

Production (15 mins)

Art : Cut and paste picture of clothes

Teaching/Learning Activity
1) Students need to cut the picture of the clothes and paste it on a paper given
2) Teacher asks the students questions using interrogative pronouns.
-What is that? That is a shirt.
-Which one is yours? The blue shirt is mine.
-Whose socks is this? The socks belongs to Aliyah/ The socks is mine/ The socks is Aliyah's/ The socks is hers.

Practice interrogative pronouns with teacher and friends
Communicate with friends using he correct interrogative pronouns

Closure (5 mins)

Instill value : Be careful

Teaching/Learning Activity
1) Teacher tells students that they need to be careful while handling electronic devices and they need to ask help from the adults while using it.

Students will remember to be careful with their surrounding.

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